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Tax audit is a process in which an individual or a company can be involved at any time, based on the criteria for selecting tax audits.

It is well known that the most important state revenues come from direct and indirect taxation, and in this context, tax control is an effective way of tax collection.

Tax Audit meaning

It is the process performed by the competent auditing bodies to control the fulfillment of tax obligations of a company or an individual. Tax audits are carried out on individuals, but also on any kind of business nationwide, and can be carried out either by the offices of the Tax Administration, or in the form of on-site audit, at the company’s premises.

ARTION, in collaboration with experienced lawyers, specializes in providing services to individuals and legal entities regarding all possible issues arising from a tax audit that can be carried out by the Finacial Crime Prosecution Body (ΣΔΟE), the Center for the Control of Large Wealth Taxpayers (KE.ΦΟ.ΜΕ.Π.), the Control Center for Large Enterprises (ΚΕ.ΜΕ.ΕΠ.), and the Public Financial Services (Δ.Ο.Υ).

The 40 years’ experience we have in tax audits assures the best possible outcome of any kind of audit.

Throughout a tax audit, from the first stages until the issuance of the final acts, we provide the necessary directions, based on the specifics of each case, to ensure its proper handling.

Following the completion of the audit process and the possible issuance of final tax assessment acts, we undertake, in cooperation with lawyers specialized in tax law, the preparation and submission of appeals before the Dispute Resolution Directorate (ΔΕΔ).

At the same time, we undertake the provision of consulting services for the correct strategic direction in order to avoid a tax audit (correct tax risk management policy).

Main services

  • Tax audits and settlement of tax arrears
  • Special issues of personal taxation
  • Provision of Tax services and in general Consulting Services during the tax audit
  • Providing legal support, in collaboration with experts in tax law, lawyers to deal with complex issues of a tax or corporate nature, both at an advisory and judicial level
  • Provision of services for the preparation and submission of appeals before the Dispute Resolution Directorate (ΔΕΔ).
  • Precautionary tax audit
  • Tax planning of foreign residents
  • Tax audit of deposits
  • Tax control of transactions with related parties (intragroup transactions-transfer pricing)



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