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ARTION provides high standard accounting services to all kinds of business. The Accounting Service department of ARTION is manned by experts who have the knowledge and expertise to support effectively and with integrity the accountants of all types of businesses. We offer nationwide Accounting services either in our own or in our clients’ premises.

The aim of ARTION is to give prominence to the substantial role that accounting play in ensuring valid and qualitative financial information, answering to the needs of today’s businesses.

For the past 40 years, we strive to build long term business relationships based on trust and credibility. Our clients are our ambassadors in promoting the quality of the financial services that we have been providing for all these years. For us, every client is treated equally but mostly, with respect.

We are well aware that the current business environment is full of challenges, opportunities but also risks. A modern operation is required to face various difficulties and adversities. This is the main reason we treat each client as a specific and separate business entity thus designing customized accounting strategies. We adopt our accounting services to our customers specialized needs and we aim to the smooth and proper growth of their business creating tangible and measurable results.

We have been proven throughout the years to be your reliable and consistent advisor in tax matters. The heads of our departments are the ones who will support you directly, with consistency and etchis in your daily tax needs.

We are your consistent and reliable tax advisor because:

1. We provide specialized information, believing that together we will understand your tax issues for your own business.

2. We give you clear answers, honest and transparent.

3. We are by your side whenever you need us with continuous support and flexibility thanks to the culture and responsibility of our executives.

4. We assure you about the confidentiality and security of your data thanks to our professionalism and consistency.




“Our main concern is the effective
support of your accounting department with specialized
personnel, all customized to the requirements
of your business”


Main Services

  • Organization and supervision of accounting departments
  • Establishing and organizing of new accounting departments
  • Accounting process follow-up in order to furbish businesses with the necessary information
  • Production costing
  • Accounting process follow-up in order to furbish businesses with the necessary information
  • Preparation of financial statements fully harmonized with the current legislation
  • Payroll management
  • Consulting on employment and insurance legislative issues
  • Adaptation to the International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)
  • Processing of paperwork and dealings with the Public Sector
    (Public financial Offices, Insurance Offices, Municipality, Chambers, etc)