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The tax status in Greece is going through a period of continuous reforms. There are two main areas in the search for hidden taxable material, to which the General Secretary of Public Income is referred often:

1. Tracking the route of money to the final beneficiary.
2. The control of intragroup transactions and the transfer of profit between tax entities.

Regarding intra-group transactions, K.F.E. now clearly defines who is obliged to prepare a dossier for the documentation of these transactions, as well as what are the fines and surcharges imposed for the incorrect or non-application of the relevant provisions. At the same time, the Center for the Control of Large Enterprises as a competent control center, has been staffed with well-trained personnel and carries out systematic inspections.

Within this frame, ARTION can accurately indicate those who are legally obliged to prepare a documentation file. Also, having extensive know-how on OECD documentation methodologies and access to international business databases, can make a major contribution to the preparation of files, but also to the assimilation of modern rules of management of these transactions.

  • Design pricing policies
  • Continuous control of intragroup transactions
  • Support for Pre-approval of intragroup pricing methodology (APA’ s)
  • Preparation of documentation files for intra-group transactions