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Bank financing of companies is necessary in order to have constant access to funds. Many companies are unable, each for their own reasons, to service their loan obligation, which makes it necessary to study their financial position and find a new sustainable financing formula tailored to its needs and capabilities.

At ARTION, we are able to inform and guide you based on the real alternatives you have both about your debts-obligations and your financing. We want to emphasize that there are solutions as long as you have the know-how and experience to look for them.
Businesses have essentially the only realistic option of settling their debts directly with the systemic Banking Institutions in accordance with the Banking Code, as well as with direct negotiations with the debt management companies in those cases where the debt has been transferred.

ARTION can offer:

  • Recognition and recording of the current situation and the total debts
  • Compilation, always in cooperation with the company, of a sustainable debt repayment plan
  • Preparation of a file and participation in the negotiation process
  • Legality check of your signed loan agreement in accordance with the requirements of the law and case law

A successful negotiation can achieve:

  • Long-term adjustment
  • Reduction of interest rate
  • Extension of repayment period
  • Partial debt write-off
  • Grace period
  • Assignment of mortgage property with debt reduction

In case the financial restructuring is implemented correctly and consistently, it can lead to the survival of the company and have the following advantages:

  • Protection of corporate and individual property
  • Return to profitable uses
  • Credit reliability
  • Creating a healthy business with resale value