Accounting Services

Accounting Services

We provide integrated services concerning the organization and monitoring of accounting departments, reassuring authoritative and reliable accounting information.

    • Outsourcing bookkeeping services


    • Complete monitoring of the accounting department, both on your premises or our offices


    • Internal accounting departments’ organization and supervision


    • Reorganization of accounting department with modern information technology systems


    • Full implementation of the accounting pattern covering the business informational needs


    • Accounting tables’ composition, fully complied with the existing legislation


    • Payroll management


    • Advice on labor legislation issues


    • International Accounting Standards’ compliance (IAS & IFRS)


    • Production and Costing book keeping


    • Handling of public sector’s bureaucratic transactions (Tax Authorities, Actuarial Companies, Prefectures and Chambers)


    • Accounting personnel training (seminars covering accounting, taxing and labor issues)